Our Story

Three Friends with a Shared Vision

Former Harvard classmates, HyegiDennis, and Shalen combine years of experience in startup investing with deep expertise in emerging tech like AI/ML, biotech, and distributed systems.

Each of us is immersed in diverse aspects of startup investing. Hyegi Chung is a Singapore-based executive at Google and founder of a NASDAQ-listed company (IPO '07), Dennis Porto is a physician and part of the Harvard tech and p2p community, and Shalen De Silva is a former investment banker who studied finance at Cambridge and a founder of a startup out of Techstars and the Harvard iLab.

By virtue of these roles and our global network, we often come across outstanding opportunities that we share with our limited partners.

For more information, please refer to the contact forum below. You can also become our LP on our AngelList syndicate for access to select parts of our deal flow. 

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/ˈhwʌt/ 發

An expression used to wish oneself prosperity.

Entymology: Singaporean, Malaysian


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